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This post is part of a series I am titling "healthy food lifestyle" and it details my philosophy on food as well as the "whys" behind my choices and the practicalities of the way I choose to eat. Read all the posts in this series here.

For last post in my healthy food lifestyle series, I wanted to share a sample daily menu. This is what my ideal day would like. It is healthy, yet I believe it is also realistic.

General guidelines of what to eat daily:

  • Lots of veggies, fruits, and whole grains 
  • Plenty of beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds 
  • Some lean protein 
  • Healthy fats 
  • Eat whole/”real” food; AVOID anything processed 
  • If cooking, cook lightly (do not overcook veggies and grains) 
  • Sauté, Bake, and Broil
  • and see my favorite healthy 8 here
  • organic fruit (apple, pear, mango, kiwi are some of my favorite)
  • organic Greek yogurt
  • a smoothie (like listed under breakfast)
  • healthy banana split

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