about chloe

"By the light of day I research trends and change diapers and create products and reply to emails and converse with clients and read storybooks and have another coffee and go to the park and curate products I love and kiss a bumped head and sing lullabies and work on new products/projects and try my best and go for my run and do laundry and work on product photography and play pretend and make dinner and write blog posts and oversee bath time and vacuum the house and collaborate with small businesses and brands and make time for friends and pat Mocha-girl on the head.

By night, I design, work, and write some of it down here.

I am a mama to Raffa, wife to John Marty, and freelance graphic designer living back and forth between Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona."

A graphic designer based in Denver, Colorado, Chloe Marty has been blogging since 2010. She uses her corner of the world wide web as an outlet for the broad range of topics she is passionate about including (but never limited to) her family, their healthy lifestyle (namely, healthy, organic, local food and outside active activities), her graphic design projects and inspirations, her love of home interiors and planning, and her obsession with denim (and other fashions).

To read more about her professional career, click here and click here.

To read more about her family, John and Raffa, click here.

Chloe is passionate about family, friends, her son, design, running, the outdoors, and healthy living. Also denim and iced almond-cashew milk lattes.

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