Modern General in Santa Fe

One of my favorite things about traveling is discovering ridiculously neat local places. Currently, John and I are en route to Phoenix via car (road trip!!!) and we stayed in Santa Fe last night as our stopover. For breakfast, I knew without question we'd be going to Modern General. It reminds me of Santa Fe's smaller version of The Shed in Healdsburg from last summer's CA trip.

"Sorted, Sifted, & Selected" and "Nothing you don't need", Modern General is part cafe, part smoothie and juice bar, part homeware store, part high-end hardware store, and part mill (grain and soaps). So, as the name explicitly implies, it is a modern general store. Everything from beautiful copper pans handcrafted in Mexico, quaint hand thrown coffee mugs, hand painted bowls ... all of which they use in the kitchen and to serve. Cotton baskets, gorgeous fine wood cutting boards, wooden spoons, and ceramic mixing bowls. A curated collection of books (cook books and more) and fine grocery items. And, a selection of Swiss-made tools ... gorgeous enough to just hang on the wall, but also of the highest quality for use.

The menu is small-ish and limited, but far from limiting. A selection of fresh pressed juices and smoothies, a strata (American quiche), a daily breakfast sandwich, blue barley porridge, toast options (i.e. avocado on toast, PB&J, or roasted asparagus and prosciutto) and a few lunch sandwich options.

I had one of the tastiest smoothies of my life - the cold brew coffee cacao smoothie (cold brew coffee, banana, peanut butter, mint, milk, and toasted cacao nibs). John had the daily breakfast sandwich (egg, bacon, guacamole, and cheddar and a toasted seed bread). He also had a peach pollen smoothie which had peaches, honeydew, mint, and bee pollen among other things. We also each got a box lunch to go ... a strata for me and the daily sandwich (pulled pork) for John. The boxed lunches come with a salad and "treat".

Needless to say, I am in love. I could live here. Or at least stay all day. Our food and smoothies were exceptional. The story behind Modern General and it's owner, Erin Wade is worth a read. Wade's concept is perfect and the execution is phenomenal. If and whenever we come to Santa Fe, Modern General is sure to be a highlight of the trip. 

I am overdue for an update here on the blog regarding the goings-on in my life including the reason for our road trip to Phoenix. Change is in our air again, and I will update you when the time is right ... soon.


a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015

photo taken June 26, 2015 // Denver, Colorado

Raffa has a sweet tooth. Pretty much always has, and for the foreseeable future always will.

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Donut Monday

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught wind of our Monday tradition, Donut Monday at Huckleberry Roasters. Each Monday we head over to Huckleberry (now that the weather is nice, we usually ride our bikes) to indulge in some coffee (me, Jonna, and my mom), milk (the boys), and donuts (all around).

We all look forward to it. The "gang" is myself, Raffa, Jonna, Asher, Mimi (my mom) and then sometimes my Grandma Shirley and/or John comes, too.
We pick too many donuts then (when the weather is nice) we head outside to eat them. Huckleberry has a great outdoor space with picnic tables and chairs. The boys love to play cards and mess around after donut eating and we sit and chat.

one piece swimsuits

I have seen so many really cute one piece suits lately ... I am seriously considering for pool time this summer. It seems to easy and comfortable and surprisingly cute!

These are some of the favorites I have found!

Lovers + Friends Simple Times One Piece - that multi-color snake print

Blue Life Safari Swim Suit - love the cut out side and feminine but graphic print

Norma Kamali KAMALIKULTURE Wonder Woman One Piece - simple black and classic cut

Agua Bendita Desert Nomad Bendito Arido Swimsuit - I just love the back of this one

Private Party Island Vibes Swimsuit - classic color and cut, but with a cheeky message on front (or to be really bold, look at this one!


a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015

photo taken June 20, 2015 // Denver, Colorado

Summatime means pool time and Raffa loves the pool. We have been twice since the pools opened, and I am sure we will be there at least once a week, if not more often.

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a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015

photo taken June 16, 2015 // Denver, Colorado

Sometimes when Raffa does nap and naps too late in to the afternoon and I have to wake him up so bedtime doesn't get screwed up, he is in the WORST mood for about a half an hour. It is such a bummer every time. But he sure does have a cute cry face.

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Raffa's 2nd Birthday Invitations

It's only been a month since Raffa's birthday and party (oops! time flies) but I am finally sharing the fun invitations we sent out for his park party turned intimate rainy day at-home get together. I knew that I wanted to do hand-lettered invitations this year and the idea evolved in to a hand-lettered and illustrated set. On the front - the party details and on the back - illustrations of Raffa's most favorite things.

The party itself was a park and donut theme, which covered two of Raffa's favorites. The illustration on the back also included: Raffa's dump truck, his checkered Vans, his crayons, pancakes + syrup, Asher, Starbuck's iced green tea, his Finkelstein kitty, donuts, "coffee" (hot chocolate) from Huckleberry Roasters (the donut + "coffee" also cover Donut Monday, our weekly ritual at Huckelberry), his bunny, the park, his red trike, and reading books.

To accomplish the lettering and illustration, I turned to Shannon Snow. I have worked with Shannon several times and I was confident that she could bring my creative vision to life. I didn't want to do the lettering and illustration myself; I specifically wanted some one else to bring my ideas to life.

I paired the digitally printed, white and royal blue invitation with a small chartreuse, business card-sized enclosure with a photo of Raffa and an explanation that the invitation contained his favorite things. The mint blue envelopes were sealed with a custom return address sticker and some donut sprinkle washi tape. I hand addressed the envelopes and went with "From me to you" Forever stamps.
I had so much fun with designing these invitations this year!

See Raffa's birthday invitations from last year here.


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