a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015

photo taken March 16, 2015 // Denver, Colorado

And, just like that, after a true haircut on Sunday, March 15, Raffa looks really, truly like a little boy (not a baby). I felt good about the cut while it was happening, even as I scrambled to preserve each clipping of his locks in a baggy. I even felt good about it later that day and evening. However, that night there were a few tears shed on my pillow. Not because I don't love the cut - I do! He looks so handsome and I am glad we did it. But, it was a milestone nonetheless, and made my heart ache.

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a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015

photo taken March 11, 2015 // Denver, Colorado

It is so rare that I get an opportunity to photograph my sleeping Raffa. Typically when he is asleep I leave him alone because his beauty rest is precious and should not be disturbed. However, I don't want him to nap past 3PM so the other day when I went in to try and gently wake him, I was able to enjoy this view and capture it.

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a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015

photo taken March 6, 2015 // Denver, Colorado

The official portrait, also known as the passport photo. Raffa and Asher got their passport photos taken, and they oddly resemble mugshot photos.

This week, I am thoroughly enjoying Raffa's increased vocabulary including more three-word sentences, more mimicry (repeating things we say without being asked to), and singing of the ABCs, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and the Clean-Up song.

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REMEMBER the day™ on social media

I have been focusing a whole lot on my REMEMBER the days™. I (finally) set up social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) for the REMEMBER the day™ brand, and I have been spending quite a bit of my time generating photos and content for those accounts.

For so long I resisted getting the REMEMBER the day™ brand on to social media. I knew it would require a time commitment to generate quality, worth while content that would engage my audience. Well, I was not wrong. Getting quality photography and generating content for my REMEMBER the day™Facebook and Instagram accounts has consumed my time the past couple of weeks (since setting the accounts up). 
If you are so inclined you can "Like" REMEMBER the day™ on Facebook or Follow Us on Instagram @remember_the_day_artwork. We are also on Pinterest. I am putting together some fun stuff across the accounts, and publishing some of it on the REMEMBER the day™ blog, too.

Today on the REMEMBER the day™ blog and social media, I am sharing a "Get this Nursery" post with sources to the exact or similar pieces that are found in this amazing nursery that was featured in Lonny magazine in August 2012:

I promise I have not given up on andchloe! I have so much I want to share on here, too, but right now it is a balancing act to deliver on all my obligations (like freelance work), fulfill REMEMBER the day™ orders, blog here, do the REMEMBER the day™ social media, and most importantly - be MOMMY.


a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015

photo taken February 25, 2015 // Denver, Colorado

This guy has been on a nap strike. We went four days in a row where Raffa did not nap. It was rough, but more so on me that him. It made him a little more tired and cranky in the afternoon, but it shook my sanity a little more. Likely, it is due to some developmental stuff, which is all good. And, I certainly can't me made at this kitty-loving guy. It more makes me worry that he isn't getting enough sleep to feel good. Here's to better napping days ahead...

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Logo Design // Lana Cordes, Realtor

Logo design is always some of my favorite work. I really enjoy the whole process, starting with hearing about the client's vision and translating that in to some initial design concepts. The process can be made even more fun, or maybe just a little easier, when I am working with some one I know well. When I know some one, I typically can "get" their vision even quicker and hone in on what they are wanting easier. Such was the case with Lana Cordes, a friend who I have know literally since I was born. Some use that phrase as a figure of speech but in this case it is the literal truth.

Lana became a Realtor specializing in the residential Denver market in January, and she came to me to help her with her personal Realtor brand. After we talked back and forth and she put together a Pinterest inspiration board, these are the initial designs I sent over to Lana ...
I feel like part of the fun on this whole process is seeing the initial design concepts and then seeing the final product. And, this is the final logo we arrived at:
And that logo is in a classy navy blue, by the way, as dictated by the accompanying brand guide.
And lastly, business cards:

I am super excited for Lana and this new venture. And, to work with her some more on a few more branding and collateral pieces. You can find out more about Lana on DenverSweetHome.com.

The 52 Project 2014 Photo Book

I took the 52 photos from 2014's 52 Project and made them in to a photo book. It was a plan I had all year, and it was exciting to finally put it to print. The quality of the photo book was of utmost importance to me. I wanted the print quality of the photos and pages to be amazing. I also wanted the binding to feel like a beautiful album or coffee table book. I decided to make the book through Artifact Uprising and I am so happy with the result.

I designed the book's pages so that each spread had a photo on the left side and the date and my notations about Raffa on the right. Artifact Uprising has a little bit limited options as far as typefaces go, but since I wanted to keep things modern and clean that was not a problem.
I choose the dark gray cover and put photos on the dust jacket.

I will certainly make another book with 2015's weekly portraits and at this point I would say I am 100% using Artifact Uprising again because I am so happy with the quality of this book.


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