trying devil's food

Raffa and I go to a parent/toddler program one day a week at The Denver Waldorf School. We are three weeks in and we are really enjoying it. It is a great change to our routine and offers some great time with many other little ones. I get a chance to chat with the mamas there, which is nice for me too. Last week, several moms were discussing Devil's Food and how amazing it is. My ears perked up big time once I heart breakfast, brunch, organic, local, and coffee all in regards to this place. John, Raffa, and I got a chance to go on Monday morning.

Devil's Food is a cafe that serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. It is also a coffee and pastry shop. We sat down and enjoyed a lovely breakfast - I had a classic breakfast, which came with an amazing slice of "bread of the day" and I would say that slice of bread was the highlight of my plate. John had eggs benedict; it was amazing and, according to our waiter told us, it is what they are known for. Raffa had a pumpkin pancake; it was one of the best pancakes I have tasted in a while (what? I taste test Raffa's pancakes, okay!).

Maybe most importantly, the coffee was really, really good and that perked me up enough to jump through the hoops one must jump through to keep a toddler happy at a breakfast out.

On our way out, we picked up a few pastries to go ... a plum danish for later, a piece of banana bread for Raffa, and a pecan scone for my mom and dad. All were delicious.

With all the snow and cold here the past week, we have been getting a little cabin fever. Going out to breakfast was a good start to relieve that, but afterwards we walked up and down the block to check out the area (a little "Main Street" style restaurant and shopping street). It was pretty cold, but Raffa loved walking around (no surprise there) and burned off some energy.

We are excited to take my sister and some friends back to Devil's Food soon!

keep warm in madewell plaid flannel

I didn't put any posts up here on andchloe last week as I got caught up from getting back to Durango> Catch up after getting home from a trip is the worst. Compounding the catch up was some extremely cold weather - our highs were single digit! It was literally freezing. It also brought the first snow of the season. Luckily I had just ordered some Sorel boots (the Sorel Women's 1964 Premium Leather Boot) which made their appearance just in time for my first snow shoveling of the season.

Our weather was a wake up call that winter is here. And on those really cold and snowy days, I typically go for warmth and comfort, starting with leggings! And the Zella 'Live In' Reversible Leggings are the best. Forget Lululemon Wunder Unders, I like the Zella fabric and fit better and the price point is practically half that of Lululemon!

Consider an oversized tee my baselayer, and gray tends to be my favorite tee color. I like the simplicity of this Lightening Bolt OG Bolt Pocket tee. It's a men's tee and I recommend a size small.

Nothing beats the cold like flannel and Madewell is my go-to for cute flannel. I love the Madewell flannel cargo workshirt in buffalo check (also like this one, this one, and this one).

I have an awesome down Rab jacket that I got about six years ago. I can't find one I like as much, although I do really like the Patagonia Women's Fitz Roy Down Parka in Dark Currant (not pictured).

Also pictured above are some of my favorite socks by Balega.

Get a matching buffalo plaid shirt for your little at the GAP - I have this one for Raffa and it is so cute (and soft!). We twinned for the first time today in our plaid.

All this amounts to a great snowy, wintery outfit. Just enough style and a lot of warmth.


a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014

photo taken november, 15 2014 // Denver, Colorado

Every week (sometimes every day, even) brings a new milestone, accomplishment, or skill for Raffa. Last night it was eating with a fork - stabbing the food with the fork and then eating it. Prior to last night, I would stab it for him or he would place it on the fork with his other hand and guide it to his mouth. It's one of those accomplishments perhaps only a mama celebrates and appreciates. One of those simple, every day moments that makes being a mama so rewarding.

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a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014

photo taken november, 7 2014 // Pagosa Springs, Colorado

We took a trip to Durango this past weekend. It was a pretty low key visit with lots of park time, hanging out, seeing friends, and visiting a few favorite restaurants. It was also a quicker trip. 

On the drive to Durango, Raffa was amazing. He did not make one peep of complaint, whine, or cry. He typically does well on the drive, but this was absolutely phenomenal. Granted, he was in a bit of a mood the rest of our trip; he seems to be going through something developmental as the amount of new words he has been throwing out has increased tenfold!

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Anine Bing Winter Wish List

If some one would like to generously give me a $1,000 gift card to Anine Bing for my birthday, I would love you forever. And, I would proceed to purchase the five pieces on my Anine Bing wish list:

ANINE BING Parka with Sherling

ANINE BING Knitted Sweater in Sand // see the sweater on Anine

ANINE BING V-neck Linen Shirt // see the tee on Anine

ANINE BING Lace Bra in Black // see the bra peeking out

ANINE BING Ripped Jeans in Washed Blue // see the jeans on Anine

Oh the possibilities of these pieces together or separately... And check out Anine's instagram if you want to fall in love with her line.

Halloween 2014 // Wayne's World

As I mentioned yesterday and on Instagram, Raffa was Garth from Wayne's World for Halloween. What would Garth be without his Wayne? Well, that's where Asher came in. But, you try keeping glasses on a Raffa. It's near impossible; so Garth went without his glasses most of the day.

On Halloween we went to the park; and Wayne and Garth partied it up like usual. In the early evening, we went trick-or-treating. We went to probably a half dozen houses. Asher, I mean Wayne, got it and sweetly said "trick or treat" on cue. Garth was oblivious, but was happy to stand with Wayne and accept candy.

This Halloween marked Raffa's second, but his first trick-or-treating experience. We all had a great time, and we even grew mustaches for the occasion (John even sprouted a uni-brow). I cheesily said "I mustache you a question..." about fifteen times more than I should have, but our excursion around the neighborhood with Mimi, my sister, her husband, and Asher was a ton of fun. The kind of fun that leaves you already looking forward to next year.

Hope your Halloween was fun-filled and memorable, too!

what a difference a year makes

I was going through the recent family photos we had taken because I am choosing the all important holiday card photo! I get super excited about this stuff, because I love planning and executing my holiday card. It has been a tradition in my family to send out a holiday card with photo my whole life, something I have carried on in to my own little family.

When I was looking through photos, I could not help but do a side-by-side comparison from last year's photos which were taken almost exactly a year ago. Raffa was only 6 months old in the photos on the right, and in this year's photos he is 17 months old. It is amazing how much happens and changes in a year, and having a child marks that passage of time for me even more dramatically. I cannot imagine what the next year holds for us.

On the note of holiday cards, in case you did not know, I offer custom design services for holiday cards. It is time to finish that process up and I will only be taking another two commissions for holiday cards, so if you are interested, please contact me sooner than later. Any of my past holiday card designs are available for customization as well. I am working on customizations of past designs through the end of November; so, there is less of a rush on that.


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