Tuesday, July 22, 2014

shop my closet

I will keep this page updated with my current favorite wardrobe pieces, and this boutique can be accessed from the bottun over there on the right hand sidebar.

stripes + my favorite shorts

I suddenly realized a couple weeks ago that I was wearing almost exclusively black or white tank tops. So, to remedy the situation, I went and got myself a couple of gray and black and white striped tank tops. Phew! Glad I got that taken care of. The tank on the left is the Lady and the Sailor Bare Tank and the one on the right is a T by Alexander Wang Striped Linen Tank.

Have I told you about my favorite new denim brand? No I have not. Well, my and everyone else's favorite - one teaspoon. They make the coolest short, cut-off, rolled, and a little slouchy jean shorts. It's an Australian brand and they are popping up everywhere I look. Which makes me happy because I love their shorts and have several pairs. And the price point is a little easier to swallow than some other designer denim brands.

My particular favorite is the bandit style ... I have them in several washes, but mustang, cobain (shown), and hendrix (shown above) are my favorite. The sizing is a little crazy because they are Australian. I wear a 22 or 23 in one teaspoon, and for reference, in most US-based brands I wear a 24 or 25. You can size up or down depending on how short you want to go or how much slouch you want.

And, hey, why not pair all this with the quintessential summer of 2014 sandal - the Birkenstock! Who would have ever thought these would make a come back. Not me, that's for sure. But I jumped on the bandwagon anyways. If Birks aren't for you, I have also been loving my white perforated leather Vans.

Lastly, I don't wear hats much but I imagine if I did, it might be this Panama from JCrew.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014

photo taken july 18, 2014 // Denver, Colorado

And he's off! Raffa is officially walking; I would now call him a walker because he is walking about 95% of the time. It makes being out and about at even mundane places more fun because he can now explore more easily. I put him down to walk around in places I never would have when he was a crawler. The fantastic thing is that even everyday places turn in to an adventure; like the car dealership above. Raffa explores and always finds little details that I would certainly overlook, like the flowers in the car dealership parking lot. Ha! I find more and more that the blessing of having a little one is how they remind us to stop and notice the simple yet beautiful details of life. They teach us to live in the moment.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

recipes on my mind

// grilled chicken with barley corn salad //
// life changing loaf //
// southwestern baked eggs //

I made the grilled chicken and barley salad earlier this week ... sadly it wasn't grilled because we don't have a grill. I just like chicken best grilled, and a grill pan on the stove just doesn't cut it. So, I missed the grilled part here.

And this loaf, although not life changing, is delicious. I am not big on bread but this doesn't count because it is so full of nut and seed goodness. Undoubtedly it is best toasted well.

I have yet to make these baked eggs, but I liked how simple the recipe sounded and I am sucker for black beans, cilantro, etc.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

meet chloe marty

After having plans to do so for way to long, I finally consolidated some of my businesses, their branding, and got up a new website to represent me.

I have been operating my freelance business under hello there, design, LLC plus I have my Etsy shop and my REMEMBER the day website. I operate WILD HEARTS with my sister, and I write here on this blog. All that added up to a lot of websites and not a lot of consistency or cohesiveness. I made the decision to consolidate things - I am ME, just me.

I put up a new website - www.chloemarty.com - to house all my various ventures under one roof, so to speak. That will be the main place to find me - it contains my portfolio as well as links to my Etsy shop, and information about my REMEMBER the days and WILD HEARTS. It creates more consistency with my social media too, as I am @chloemarty on Twitter, Chloe Marty on Pinterest, @chloechristinemarty on Instagram, and I have never maintained a separate Facebook presence from my personal account.

One of the largest improvements here (other than simplifying things) is having my portfolio up. It is such a time consuming task to curate my portfolio from all the projects I have done, collect and edit the images of those projects, and get them up in a good place. Up until now, I have used Flickr, but it never felt that professional - and it bothered me.

I was also just over the hello there, design LLC name. I am still using it for legal purposes and to keep things simple from that standpoint. But I feel so much more comfortable representing ME, my name - or having it represent me. However you want to put it. I think when I first started freelancing, I thought I needed a cute catchy name - that it couldn't be as simple as just chloe marty. But after six years at this gig, I realize it is just me and that is the best fit to show everyone who I am.

I literally spent all of twenty minutes coming up with a new logo. I like it. I am not in love with it and I am actually currently looking for and email interviewing various designers to have some one help me with the perfect logotype for me. That is another thing I have learned after six years - I can design logos for my clients, but it is nice to get a fresh pair of eyes on my own branding. I get too entrenched in it and too caught up in what I want it to be as opposed to portraying who I actually am.

So, the logo may be temporary; I am just not sure how temporary. As is the current look of andCHLOE. Along with my chloe marty logo, I am looking for a new look for my blog. After implementing this new design, although pretty, I realized literally weeks later that it didn't feel like me.

All of this transition and rebranding and seeking help from other designers makes me realize just how much I am still learning - about myself, my style, my inspirations, my trade, and my work.

But, today, I am exited to share my newly launched chloemarty.com with you. It is a huge load off of my mind to have this website up and to be working under my own name.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

building a home on Pinterest

The other evening I spent a {ridiculous} amount of time organizing my pinterest boards of home interiors. Up until then, I had a board called "rooms + spaces" that was my catch-all for any interior, any room type. But, I got a wild hair and decided I needed a separate board for each room (living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and so on); you know, so that it is easier to look for design inspiration as I design and build our new home {in my mind}.

Yeah, we aren't moving. Not buying or building new home, but I want to have the inspiration ready for, you know, when we eventually do. Ha.

So, I got all my interiors organized on boards by room, and in the process, I saw a lot of gorgeous rooms and spaces. It inspired me to "build" a little home from some of my favorites - piecing together rooms from here and there to "create" a home.

This is the result. Here are the sources:

home exterior // House and Home
outdoor space // Wish Flowers
living room // The Everygirl
kitchen // House Crush
dining area // Design Milk
bedroom // Laviva Home
kid's bedroom // Amber Interiors
bathroom // High on Dreaming

And, if you are on Pinterest and want to follow along, you can fine me here.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014

photo taken july 12, 2014 // Denver, Colorado

I usually would not select a blurry photo for Raffa's weekly portrait, but I had to make an exception because this action photo represents the progress that Raffa has made with walking since last week. He now takes up to 20 steps at time. He stops and starts, he turns. And, he eventually plops down or grabs a person or piece of furniture.

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