the eight healthiest foods

...okay, so maybe not the healthiest - as there are lots of foods just as healthy - but these eight foods are my favorite healthy eight. 
Eight foods that I eat on a regular basis because I find them to be delicious, and they just so happen to be very healthy too, even considered to be super foods. I also find them to be versatile (easy to eat in lots of different ways) and convenient (easy to buy and cook/prepare). It is worth noting that I purchase these foods as organic and avoid GM foods.

I love my almonds plain and raw, toasted, on top of salads, ground into a flour for baking, or as a nut butter.

my almond spirulina banana smoothie recipe

I love avocados plain with some sea salt and pepper, in salads, in tacos, enchiladas, and burritos, and even in smoothies.

my melon, avocado, and pistachio salad recipe

I love lemon water, although I prefer mine cold over warm, like I have read is best. You can read about the benefits of lemon water here and here. Lemon juice is also great when juicing, making smoothies, and in salad dressings mixed with oil.

Martha Stewart's lemon vinaigrette recipe

I eat baby spinach in place of lettuce for my salads. Sometimes I do a mix of salad greens and baby spinach. I also enjoy green smoothies made with spinach.

my mint chocolate monster green goodness smoothie recipe
my spinach salad with strawberries, feta, + almonds recipe

Eggs get a bad rap when really they are absolutely amazing for you, even the yolks! I find it so frustrating when people stick to egg whites or, even worse, egg beaters, for the sake of "health" and their cholesterol. Infuriating! I love my eggs scrambled, over medium, and hard boiled. I eat them several days a week for breakfast, but love them as a snack or in a salad to add protein. Don't avoid these powerhouses of nutrition and protein!

healthier egg salad with tarragon and pickled celery

Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries. I love them all. They are like a dessert in and of themselves, but are also wonderful in salads and smoothies.

Many people aren't familiar with this superfood which is a spiral shaped algae and comes in powder form. I use mine in smoothies (see my smoothie recipe above under almonds).

I buy my spirulina here, but you can purchase it at Whole Foods and most natural/health food stores.

Please, please, please eat your yogurt three ways: organic, plain (NO flavors), and greek-style. This protein-rich yogurt is thick and creamy and is all sorts of delicious. It has a nice tangy flavor and is delicious with a little raw honey and toasted almonds mixed in. It is also a great substitute for sour cream or can replace mayo in many recipes (see the egg salad recipe under eggs).

Are some of these foods on your "favorites" list? What healthy and/or superfoods are on your short list?

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