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I mentioned last week when I shared some of my favorite baby products for newborns that this week I would be sharing a comprehensive list of what you {might} need when you are expecting. This list is a modification of a list my sister sent me when I was doing my baby registry. Based upon what I found I need and my favorite products, I have come up with this list here. This list is helpful when sitting down to do a baby registry and has the basics plus some conveniences. I pretty much registered for, received, and/or purchased the items on this list. Looking at the list, I was initially overwhelmed but at the conclusion of acquiring all this stuff, I was pleasantly surprised that, other than the large items like furniture, stroller, car seat, etc. I fit everything in a 7 stacking plastic baskets from the Container Store; this was a great way to organize everything before baby arrived and also ended up making for an easy way to pack it all up for our move back to Colorado.

Quick note: this list is generic for the most part, but you will notice that the links get specific, linking to my preferred/favorite product/brand. A lot of the links are to products on because you can get so much on there easily.

the baby list aka what you need when your expecting


  • carrier or wrap (I preferred a carrier by Ergo Baby and used it from the time Raffa was an infant and I still use as I update this and he is almost 3.5 years old)
  • stroller {jogging and/or umbrella}
  • cup holder for BOB
  • carseat
  • infant chair/napper
  • Bumbo seat (won't need for several months, probably until month 4-6)
  • shopping cart cover (won't need for several months, probably until at least month 6-7); I wore Raffa in his carrier at the grocery store until he was over one year old - he liked it and I did too)



Depending one the size of your little one you may want some clothes in premie size, newborn, or GAP makes a great "up to 7 lbs" size that I find fits newborns very well {the only drawback is that I don't find their stuff to be my taste so I stuck to their onesies only}. However, for the most part newborn or "up to 7 lbs" is a safe bet if you are buying/registering ahead of time.


I didn't buy any toys until after Raffa was born; it was a couple months until he showed any interest in them and it started with him wanting to look and/or listen to them, then eventually reach for them. Here are some ideas for infant toys that we liked.
  • developmental toys like these
  • rattle
  • books (I love books, so I started reading books to Raffa very soon ... and in my opinion it is never too early to start your little ones library, filling it with plenty of tough, board books that won't rip and fun story books with fun illustrations)
  • bath toys (eventually)
  • Sophie the Giraffe
  • teether (eventually)


I am using my purse/handbag because I didn't like any of the diaper bags I found.
  • bag
  • changing pad/mat (I use disposable)
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • diaper bags (stinky stinky!)
  • extra soothies
  • pacifier wipes
  • change of clothing
  • socks
  • nursing cover/blanket
  • diaper rash ointment
  • hat
  • blanket
  • hand sanitizer or wipes
  • toys
  • burp cloth


I have not been big on reading books; I didn't read a whole lot when I was pregnant either. The one book I am reading and find helpful is The Wonder Weeks, which is a week-by-week of baby's various developmental leaps.


To my sister, Jonna who was my most helpful mentor in creating this list. I found shopping/registering for baby stuff to be daunting and thanks to my list, it was quite manageable. In addition, Raffa was lucky to get hand-me-downs from his cousin and BFF, Asher which means so many of the cool, unique, fun, convenient products we find/use have been passed along to us by Jonna and Asher.

{Photo taken by me.}

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