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I don't plan for &chloe to become all about baby but now that I have a baby in my life, inevitably I want to share some baby-related tidbits from time-to-time.

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite baby products for newborns. With little John being two months, I am still in that newborn phase. Since he was such a little guy, some that newborn stuff lasted longer for us (clothing and diaper sizes). Right now, we are finally getting in to the 0-3 months sizing.

It is worth noting that this list is {obviously} in no way comprehensive. It doesn't include everything you need for your newborn. Next week, I will have a list of the essentials that will be comprehensive. To start though, these are just some of my favorite items/products and ones that I find we use the most.

ever/after clothing pima v-neck onesies:: love these onesies {and their t-shirts too} because they are so soft and stylish

Honest Co. diapers :: love these diapers because they are made without harsh chemicals {their wipes are good, too, but I also like Seventh Generation's wipes}

Alex Woo's gold letter necklace :: more for mom than baby, I love these delicate necklace charms by Alex Woo; I had a "c" and now I have added a "j" for my two Johns.

iviebaby on etsy boppy cover :: I had this boppy cover made by iviebaby and I love it ... I love the pattern and will eventually get little John's sheets in this fabric as well. iviebaby has lots of very unique and fabulous fabrics and I have found that my boppy cover washes nicely {and seems to get softer}.

aden + anais swaddle blankets :: I love these swaddle blankets and also prefer aden + anais' burp cloths, wash cloths, and towels.

aden + anais mum + bub hair and body baby wash :: I love this baby wash; it smells amazing.

Yes to Carrots baby lotion :: I love this SLS, petroleum, and paraben free lotion. It has a light scent and moisturizes wonderfully {I use it for my skin, too.} .... and for the next two days Plum District is running a deal for $20 for $40 for Yes To products!

Avent soothies :: People often get confused by these soothies; they think they are nipples that go on bottles. Actually, they are just a pacifier and the ones I prefer. They also happen to be the pacifiers that hospitals typically give out.

As I mentioned, next week, I will be sharing a comprehensive "what to get when you are expecting" list...

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