more nursery plans

Okay, okay. So I know I already have had two versions of little John's nursery {first nursery plans and revised nursery plans}, but now that we actually have a room in 4880 for a nursery, my thoughts and plans for a nursery are coming together more and more and I have yet another revision.

Originally we were going to do a mini crib, but now I am leaning towards a full-size crib that also has a toddler bed conversion {specifically the Oeuf Sparrow Crib}.  We don't have space for our amazing Blu Dot Stilt Lamp in the living room so we are moving it to the nursery. For a dresser slash changing table, John found this mid-century piece in one of my parents' garages; my mom had repainted it a gorgeous robin's egg blue and John envisioned it in the nursery. After seeing me breastfeed, John insists that a comfortable nursing chair is a must; he found the Joya Rocker by Monte Designs in the back of Dwell magazine. We are going to go to a local baby store that has it to test its comfort level. Items that have made the cut through the revisions: the "Love You" night light, the Eames elephant, the family portrait, and the Ursa bear.

We still have yet to see how the nursery comes together, but this is the current plan.

no. 1 Oeuf Sparrow Crib in Walnut

no. 2 Blu Dot Stilt Lamp

no. 3 crib sheet by iviebaby on Etsy

no. 4  Love You nightlight by Owly Shadow Puppets

no. 5 Eames® Elephant in white from Design Within Reach

no. 6 mid-century dresser refinished by my Mom

no. 7 Joya Rocker by Monte Designs

no. 8 custom family portrait illustration by Alessandra Olanow

no. 9 Ursa wooden bears from Tweek Studio

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