the t-shirt that wasn't

The afternoon I was going in to labor, John asked me to order him a t-shirt that said "Coach" as in him being my labor coach. At the time, both of us were oblivious to the fact that I was in labor and we were expecting our baby boy to come close to his due date two weeks later. In true graphic designer fashion, I couldn't just create a t-shirt that said "Coach" in athletic apparel looking letters (although, I found out later on that is simply what John wanted). So, I created a t-shirt I thought John would want to wear even after baby. Here is what I came up with:

Come to find out, I would never get the opportunity to order this t-shirt, nor would I have the time to order one like John actually wanted (with  "Coach" in some athletic-style type) because I was starting to have contractions while designing this and by that evening I was in the hospital in the full throes of labor.

I still like my design, though, and with some tweaks to the text (no need to make it a "Coach" t-shirt) I think it could make a cool t-shirt for John.

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