Remember back when I was taking courses at the Art Institute {I miss those classes; sigh}? Well, I just heard from one of my professors yesterday, and they want to print and hang one of my class projects in the ground offices of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh {that's where the online division is based out of}.

The class was Design & Typography, which not surprisingly was one of my most enjoyed classes. The final project was a type in motion storyboard - a movie trailer that previews the movie using moving type. I selected the 1972 Hitchcock film, FRENZY {I don't believe I have told you, but I am a Hitchcock fan - Rear Window, is probably my favorite.}.

Here is the actual trailer from 1973:

And here is my storyboard for the type in motion trailer:

Click to enlarge to read the description of each frame.

It was definitely nice to be asked to have my work displayed. And, it was especially fun to go back through my school work and remember the different projects I worked on in this class {here is another project from this class ... I still love how this one turned out, too}.

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