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Going to the mall with an infant can be a little stressful; just a whole new set of circumstances, really. Have to plan ahead to think about feeding, naps, possible diaper blow-outs, etc. Plus, I don't care to torture little John by making him ride around in the Baby Bjorn for too long at a time; the thing is meant to carry babies but I just can't imagine it is that comfortable for a long stretch.

So, the adventure of mall shopping with an infant coupled with the fact that I often find mall shopping exhausting even without an infant, means that I rarely opt to spend a day shopping at the mall.

This past weekend, however, my mom and I {and little John}, went out to lunch at NoRth and then went for a little day of shopping. One of the reasons I find mall shopping exhausting is that, for me, I rarely find things I like even after hours of browsing. Well, this past weekend was different. We spent about two hours at the mall, little John survived the Baby Bjorn {enjoyed looking around and took a little nap in it}, and I found several things I just love.

I got this Free People lace crop bra which I plan to wear under sheer tops, including the Free People Trapeze Slip dress / top I got. I loved this top so much, when I got home I ordered the dark gray (aka "storm") color. At Nordstrom, I found these Joe's Jeans Skinny Ankle jean in the dark indigo wash. I also got these Free People Dolphin Hem Colored Denim Cut Off shorts.

So, it was quite the lucrative day at the mall and for some stores at the mall. I left happy, so did little John.

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