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So, I finally caught you up on our new DEN→PHX / PHX→DEN situation and I have even posted in the past about some of our very favorite places here in Phoenix on account of my sister living here for a decade. That list of favorite places to eat and fun stuff to do with little ones remains largely the same with a couple of new additions; making a new post of favorites, at this point, redundant.

But, I would love to share what we have been up to lately here in the desert. Raffa and I have been having fun during the week, and with John on the weekends, exploring Phoenix. We keep pretty busy, but also love hanging around the house reading and building crazy trains.

Obviously, there was no question that we would continue donut Monday. We played around with location a few times, but I think we have found our Phoenix favorite: Rollover Doughnuts. The donuts are made from a brioche dough. They are tasty, the coffee is good, and they have a great indoor or outdoor space. So far it has been only me and Raffa on our donut Monday dates, but we hope to share with John soon, or take anyone who comes to visit.

I have also been taking time to get our house here organized, which I talked about a little here, specifically our living and dining rooms, but a big part of that was getting Raffa's room comfortable and fun. Mission accomplished, I suppose, because when we are at home that is where we spend the majority of our time playing. We are usually in his room building crazy trains (trains out of Legos), but his coffee shop is in the empty guest room and we are also often at the kitchen table working on projects like our Valentine's or painting.

We have also been exploring new places and special events. Raffa and I checkout Ocotillo which has a restaurant and a coffee bar (O to Go). We went for the coffee bar so I could try their Fruity Pebble latte (latte made with cereal infused milk). Well, I got to try that (delicious) and we discovered they also have some yummy overnight oats and breakfast burritos. They also have an amazing lawn (Lucy's Lawn) and outdoor space. The restaurant menu sounds awesome too, so we have to put that on our list to try.

In addition to all that, we have been enjoying the nice weather in Phoenix and also go to a weekly music class and weekly swim lesson. We are always looking for new friends at the park and we joined a Meet Up group so that we could go to some play groups and meet new people. We know a few people here, as well, so connecting/re-connecting with those people has been fun as well. Most of them have children too, some even right around Raffa's age.

We can't wait for some of our favorite people from Colorado to come visit us, though.

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