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Well, this is a highly belated post but here it is nonetheless. I am going to make a long story short: back in July 2015 John took a job in Phoenix. He moved out to Phoenix and came back to Denver to visit on weekends. In October, Raffa and I came down to Phoenix and stayed through Thanksgiving. We were in Denver for December, through Christmas and New Years, and came back to Phoenix July 12. In essence, John works down here and we live in Phoenix now, but still in Denver, too. We are doing the back and forth thing, going between our little Denver bungalow and a house (classic 1950s Arizona ranch) we are renting here in Phoenix.

We got really lucky, and the place here is just perfect for us. Not our style aesthetically as far as tile, cabinets, etc. goes, but it is a great home, super cute - the perfect place for us to call home in Arizona for now.

It has been fun to have the opportunity to nest here. Since we left all of our furniture in Denver, we had to start fresh here. After one big trip to IKEA (back in July) and then sourcing items here and there (over the past several months), things are coming together. I love starting with a clean slate, and I don't like to fill up rooms. In Denver, our house is so tiny it is impossible not to fill rooms, but my preference is to leave empty space. I have the opportunity to do that here in Phoenix, so although we do have all the essentials, there will be purposefully left blank walls and corners and spaces.

Here is a look at the living and dining space which is completed pending the arrival of the artwork. I am also commissioning a quilt for this space but that is a couple months out.
Silver Floor Lamp // IKEA Ranarp Floor Lamp
Rug to be hung on large open wall as art // Ferm Living Kelim Rug *
Sectional // Gus Modern Atwood Sectional in Urban Ink Tweed
Nesting Side Tables // IKEA Kragsta Nesting Tables
Mirror // CB2 Acacia Wood 40" Mirror *
Rug // Tjareby Rug 
Coffee Table // IKEA Stockholm Coffee Table
Ottomans // IKEA Alseda Banana Fiber Stools
Floor Lamp // Brass Tripod Lamps from Target
Media Stand // IKEA Ramsatra TV unit

* not yet purchased, undecided

Pendant Light // West Elm Pendant
Artwork // Snedker Studio Marble Artwork Limited Edition Print “Taking Shape”
Table // IKEA Melltorp Table
Chairs // IKEA, no longer available
High Chair // IKEA Antilop Highchair
Cowhide // IKEA Koldby Cowhide Rug

The dining room table is darn cheap and is already wobbly. We plan to replace it with something inexpensive but durable (and similar in color/style soon). We will likely move the existing Melltorp table to the guest room for use as a desk.

The living room and dining rooms are connected (one large room), so it was important ALL the furniture work together.

Raffa's room here in Phoenix has been a labor or love. I am really pleased with how it has turned out and I will have to share that some time soon.

And, it is worth recognizing, I obviously post very little here on andchloe lately ... our move and back and forth has been a big part of that. I hope to be posting with a slightly more frequent regularity (once a month, at least - ha!) but I am not nailing myself down to sure plans as far as that goes. Hope you have beared with me and that you are up for reading along when I am up for writing.

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