Raffa Coffee Roasters // Phoenix, AZ

As you can read here, see here, and see here, Raffa's imagination runs wild when he has an empty cardboard box. Both John and I love to see where Raffa's imagination takes us when we turn a cardboard box into something more. We have a coffee shop in Denver made from a carseat box, and a couple of weeks ago we added a Phoenix location when we received a lamp in a large box here in Phoenix. While Raffa was a little low on energy recuperating from a cold, his activity of choice was coloring with his markers on his "coffee shop" (above). Even once he was well, his passion continued, and John and I are more than happy to pick up some colors and get in on the fun. One afternoon while I was out, John and Raffa put on an addition - a second large box in top of the first - to better accommodate me or John being able to sit inside. Our comfort is a consideration because Raffa loves to request demand our presence inside. So, John or I crawl inside and are asked required to close the door behind us. It's no secret that we love it though; we both relish in this time with Raffa and are in awe of watching him use his imagination to play.

John has a recent interest in video, and he keeps compiling videos of our family excursions and Raffa and turning them in to fun keepsakes.

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