pig roast flyer

Over the years of designing I have done many custom illustration and design elements. Sometimes these illustrations and design elements come in handy on other projects. In those instances where a previous illustration or element is a perfect fit for a new client project, it saves the client money because it saves me time.

Case in point was this flyer I did last week. If it looks familiar it is because it uses the background pattern I created for Heather Morris' baby shower invitations. I added some grilling utensils (which were part of a first draft of Heather's invitations) and a pig, as well as some sunflowers (sunflowers are part of this pig roast's theme/decor). And voila! A new design that has a similar but decidedly different feel.

In all but a few cases, all my previous designs are open for customization. If you see one of my designs that you love but it just needs a slight modification for your purposes, let me know! It is a great way to get custom-designed, one-of-a-kind, small design studio paper goods for your event without the cost of a custom from-scratch project.

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