custom design :: baby shower invitation for heather morris of glee

How fun is this!? I was contacted by April to design baby shower invitations for her sister's "BaByQ" themed couples baby shower. Who is April's sister? Heather Morris who plays Brittany on Glee. If you follow the show and/or celebrity news then you know that Heather is expecting her first baby.

April really liked the baby shower invitations I designed for my sister's baby shower, which she was a guest at. So, I based the design for Heather's baby shower invitations loosely off that but adapted it for a backyard BBQ, excuse me BaByQ, theme.

The color theme is red and blue ... and I immediately thought of a picnic tablecloth as the perfect backdrop as opposed to stripes like Jonna's.  I tried the design with some grilling utensils instead of the rattle, but the rattle kept that baby theme.

I designed address labels and return address labels to accompany the invitations, and the envelopes are "paper bag" (brown kraft).

Congratulations to Heather + Taylor!

See more of my baby shower invitation designs here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information on the invitation has been changed for privacy; so the address and phone number are fake. Also, I asked April, Heather's sister who commissioned the invitation, if it was okay for me to share it on my blog and she gave me the go-ahead. II don't share projects on my blog without changing the information and, although my contract reserves my right to share my designs on my blog, I always ask my client if they are comfortable with me sharing the design. I do that with all my clients, even if they are not famous.

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