PhotoSnack is a free slideshow maker that allows you to create simple and clean slideshows in your browser or through the app; you can even add music and then share your slideshow. The slideshows are fully compatible with mobile devices, and you can import photos from various sources such as Facebook, PhotoBucket, Flickr, and Picasa. There are also several templates available to skin your slideshow. PhotoSnack slideshows are useful for someone like me, a graphic designer, but also for photographers and other designers and artists who want to showcase their work. Anyone can use it, though, so you could create a slideshow of vacation photos. I updated my website and used PhotoSnack for my portfolio.

PhotoSnack approached me to use some of my portfolio images to create a sample slideshow on their website as well.

You can see my portfolio in action on my website. And, you can see the slideshow of my work on PhotoSnack's website by clicking the image below.
*Please note: This is NOT a sponsored post. PhotoSnack did not ask me to share their service with my readers; I decided to do so because I find this service useful.

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