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I am finally sharing photos of our finished kitchen remodel. We remodeled (by we I mean John and my Dad) with the elements I shared previously in this post.

A bit of a recap - this home is a 1921 bungalow. We wanted to keep the kitchen design inline with the aesthetic of the rest of the house, which includes original plaster wall texture, molding, doors, and even doorknobs. Therefor, although my tendency would be to go more modern and mid-century modern, we kept this overall design more toned done than that. The main theme, however, was clean, simple, and touched of modern.

The existing tile floor was lifted to reveal beautiful original fir wood floors; those were refinished. In doing this remodel we were very budget conscious so we reused the cabinets. The cabinets on the left hand side of the kitchen are the original cabinets from 1921; they were scraped and repainted by John. The cabinets in the rest of the kitchen are from a later date (sometime around 1970) and were scraped and repainted, as well.

For cost purposes (and because this is also one of my parents' rental homes), we went with granite tile. My first choice would have been Caesar stone or Corian, but as this home will eventually be rented out again, granite tile makes the most sense.

We happened to have white bone china dishware, which works beautifully in the open shelving. I added a few extra pieces for show - my Little Freshie mug and my Rifle Paper Co. recipe box. I also got these "Altitude" bowls from Crate and Barrel for decor plus storage. And, I love my Sunny Afternoon dish towel (it's the little things).

So, that is our kitchen. I am really happy with how this cute little kitchen turned out. It is not 100% my style, but it is 100% great. This winter it should be extra cozy to cook up some food while snow falls outside. Right now, we like to open up the back door in the morning and evenings and let fresh air and sunshine wash into the kitchen.

The rug I shared here is in the kitchen dining nook which I will share once we finish hanging art/prints.

I should finish this post by mentioning that I am not the best photographer (obviously), so forgive the less-than-stellar, less-than-magazine worthy photos I took for this post. My goal was to show the finished kitchen, and these photos certainly do the trick for that.

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