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What to do when you buy all new furniture for your Miami condo and then several months later move to Colorado and into a small 1921 bungalow? Well, you hope the larger scale furniture pieces will fit and get a little creative with your furniture arrangement.

We are still {I say "we" but I mean "John and my dad"} working on the remodel of our kitchen {we went with the IKEA light fixture, by the way - still deciding on rug}. With a new baby, I have to admit it is a little odd to be having your kitchen remodeled, especially when that keeps you from moving it to your house. So, living in my childhood bedroom with my newborn and my husband is interesting {mostly because it is just crowded}.

While John works hard to get our kitchen done, he also arranged some of our furniture. Luckily, our large {121" long!!!} Dwell sectional *just* fit and luckily, John was able to get our bed and dresser in to the bedroom. These were items that were a little bit of nail-biters, but it all worked out.

Here is the layout of our bungalow and how we are most likely arranging the furniture:

As you come in the front door, we have our TV stand {seen here}, coffee table, and Dwell sectional on the left-hand side. On the right, we are creating a seating area consisting of our leather chair, Rapson chair, antique buffet/sideboard, and side table (side table seen here). Our awesome Blu Dot Stilt Lamp will find a new home in little John's nursery {I will be sharing the revised nursery plans soon ... see the previous nursery idea here}.

In our bedroom we were only able to fit the bed plus one nightstand {see the bed and nightstands here} and the dresser is across from those pieces. One lamp is on the one nightstand; the other lamp is on the dresser. The shell chair will have to find a new home other than in our bedroom.

In the kitchen nook, we need to swap our 48" Saarinen table for a 36" table which will be a better fit... I am working on finding that new table now. I am just torn because I love the way the Saarinen would look in that space.

So, that's the plan as of now. John has all of this furniture in place so we know it fits. I am working on the dining table for the kitchen nook and we are also on the hunt for some outdoor chairs for the front porch and a dining set for the back porch.

It is slowly coming together, but hey, it is still coming together quicker than our Miami condo did {we lived around 5 months before we had all our furniture}.

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