furniture updates

So, it is time for another quick update on the progress of our home.  Our sofa, living room side chair, and stools have all arrived.

{You can see the living room furniture layout plan in this post.}

After a little stress regarding the sofa and the chair we are getting things worked out. When the sofa came (I was out of town), John noticed a very odd phenomena ... there were tiny wood chips imbedded in the fabric. It was uncomfortable (scratchy and poke-y) and a call to the manufacturer revealed no answers. The living room side chair is a leather beauty, but it showed up many shades lighter than the leather swatch that the manufacturer had provided us with. Not the end of the world, but it won't work because now the chair is the same color and tone of the sofa. They sit next to one another and unless we want to get lost in a sea of the same medium gray (we do not), the chair is going back.

I have to say, furnishing our new condo has been a much slower process than I originally anticipated; and John and I are both ready to have our "home". We have more furniture (dresser, night stands, TV console) arriving later this week, and should hopefully have our entry console, Rapson chair, and bed soon too.

I will post more progress, hopefully more put together and exciting than this, soon!

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