our home :: master bedroom update

Things are coming together for our master bedroom ... with Brad's (of Pierce & Co.) assistance we have picked out and ordered our bed (light gray fabric swatch shown is the bed fabric - Glynn "Metal" linen fabric) and side chair (this iconic Hans J. Wegner shell chair) . We are fairly certain of our dresser and nightstand decisions (from Room & Board). That pixel-looking diamond fabric is for one long rectangular pillow that will sit across the bed, which has all white sheets and a simple white down blanket (sheets and blanket are from Restoration Hardware). We have a rug picked, but unfortunately I don't have an image of it to share yet - it is made of jute and wool woven together and I can assure you it is beautiful.

We are still deliberating on lamps for the nightstands, a floor lamp for by the chair (maybe), a [very] small side table for by the side chair, and some artwork. We are thinking a piece of art above the bed and a mirror above the dresser. We want to make the artwork meaningful and special (like our bicycle artwork), so we are making that more of a long-term search as opposed to just picking something to fill the wall.

Just like the Rapson chair we ordered for the living room, the Hans J. Wegner shell chair for the bedroom is one of my "dream come true" pieces. This mid-century modern piece was originally designed in 1963 and according to DWR:
"...sometimes called the "smiling chair," his [Wegner's] Shell Chair achieves a floating lightness due to its wing-like seat and the arching curves of its tapered legs. And while it stands on only three legs, this chair has an absolute stability that could only be achieved by someone with Wegner's expertise in cabinetmaking and architecture. Wegner's belief that a chair 'should be beautiful from all sides and angles' is especially evident with his Shell Chair. This comfortable masterpiece is a marvel of grace and beauty."
On a living room note, some of our "homework" per Brad is to start acquiring some coffee table books. To compliment our Rapson chair and our Wegner chair I have found books on each (here and here).  My love of Eames (we went with replicas of Eames plastic moulded chairs for our dining table (hope to have the real deal some day) will also warrant a book about Eames ... perhaps this one, this one, or this one. I have some other ideas for coffee table books, but I will save the rest of my list of book selections for another day.


JL Candelaria said...

Loving it; I've been hoping for another update!

chloe marty said...

it's a little sparse for an update ... obviously there is a lot more for the room to feel "finished" ... but today we finalized the bedside lamps, a floor lamp, and a secondary pillow fabric!


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