coffee shops I love

{photo credits: Astro CoffeeHandsome Coffee RoastersCartel Coffee LabSight Glass Coffee}
I love a good coffee spot ... delicious strong coffee, good company or some work to do, and good coffee aroma- coffeehouse chatter atmosphere make for one of my favorite ways to spend some time. A morning of work, an afternoon meet-up, shelter from a rainy afternoon, a change of scenery to get some work done.

Although I have only been to one of these shops {Cartel in AZ} , I hope to visit all of them at some point in the future. They are scattered; so it'll take some traveling to get to them, but let's plan on grabbing a cup of coffee at one of your choice eventually, okay?

Not only do these coffee roasters supposedly turn out amazing coffee (several of them sell their stuff online), but their bricks and mortar look like the perfect place to meet up with a friend and chat. From a design and business standpoint, the branding. identities, and logos of these coffee roasters are all spot-on, as well.

Astro Coffee
corktown, michigan {detroit}

Handsome Coffee Roasters
los angeles, california

Cartel Coffee Lab
tempe, arizona

Sightglass Coffee
san francisco, california

I like to pin great coffee shop interiors like these onto a my "shop & cafe spaces" board on Pinterest.

What's your favorite coffee spot? Do you have a great one for me to add to my list?


JL Candelaria said...

You know that I'd LOVE to frequent any/ALL of these with you! Can you find a good picture of Oma in Medellin, Colombia??? We know that it is good!

{I like your board too}

chloe marty said...

JL, yes I should have included Oma, too! I actually just looked and could not find a great image. But, I did not spend too much time. I did not find their website on first glance, either. I just brought back two bags of Cartel coffee from AZ, but after I finish that I think I am going for ordering some Oma online!!!


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