Donut Monday: Phoenix edition

A couple of weeks ago, John happened to have a Monday off. Raffa and I were able to share our #phxdonutmonday: Rollover Doughnuts. We had been talking up our little donut Monday spot, and had been wanting to take John for a while. Having him come along on an actual Monday was most appropriate!

I really love the neighborhood this donut place is in and I love their little outdoor/indoor space. But, what I love more is there delicious donuts (brioche-based dough) and coffee. They have some of the best drip coffee (seriously), and I love that I can just get a little 8 ounce cup.

Perhaps the most awesome part of having John along for our donut Monday was that he made me a video of our little Monday tradition.

The funny thing is, we never even used to eat donuts. Never. But Huckleberry Roasters started serving donuts on Monday, we coined it our donut Monday, and the rest is history a part of our story. And, with our move to Phoenix, Raffa and I have kept our Monday tradition. We miss the rest of our donut gang dearly, but making it a point to continue our donut ritual, while also taking the opportunity to get out and explore our new city, is just part of what makes my and Raffa's adventure together so fun. It's what we do and it's how we make even the mundane like Monday something to look forward to.

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