favorite coffee shop: Huckleberry Roasters

One of our favorite morning rituals is going to get coffee and then heading to a local park so Raffa can play, run, explore, and burn energy. It's something we were doing several times a week in the late summer and fall, but now that the temperatures have dropped and we approach winter, we have to wait for nice warm morning weather.

We frequent Huckleberry Roasters for these coffee and park days; well, we frequent Huckleberry all the time. It is hands-down, one of our favorite local coffee shops. Started by two friends who began roasting in a garage, now Huckleberry has two locations in Denver (one is just two miles from our house).  Their coffee shops are focused on being a place of community; where people come together to slow down and have meaningful and authentic interactions. Bingo - that's we do on our morning excursions to this coffee shop!

My favorite beverage at Huckleberry is the mocha with an extra shot. Their chai is also fantastic. Their coffee is roasted right there on the premises; so basically it's all good.

They have some pastry offerings (which are from another local, The Noshery). John's favorite is the toast with almond butter, honey, and sea salt.

After we have delicious coffee, we head to the park. There are several favorites in the area so it usually a close-your-eyes-and-point to pick type scenario.

And our park adventures are not sit-back-and-supervise affairs, we all get in there and have a good time. It's more fun like that anyway, and I enjoy the days Raffa needs and wants help on the playground because I know that one day in the not-so-distant future it'll be the opposite.

Raffa naps mid-day now, so a morning adventure like this sure helps things in that nap department.

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