Donut Monday

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught wind of our Monday tradition, Donut Monday at Huckleberry Roasters. Each Monday we head over to Huckleberry (now that the weather is nice, we usually ride our bikes) to indulge in some coffee (me, Jonna, and my mom), milk (the boys), and donuts (all around).

We all look forward to it. The "gang" is myself, Raffa, Jonna, Asher, Mimi (my mom) and then sometimes my Grandma Shirley and/or John comes, too.
We pick too many donuts then (when the weather is nice) we head outside to eat them. Huckleberry has a great outdoor space with picnic tables and chairs. The boys love to play cards and mess around after donut eating and we sit and chat.

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