a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014

photo taken november, 22 2014 // Denver, Colorado

I am so excited that we are entering the holiday season! It was so fun last year and this year is gearing up to be even more fun, if that is possible. We've got lots of plans for playdates and excursions to take full advantage of this cheerful time of year, starting with Thanksgiving this week.

Periods of more accelerated development and growth are certainly felt by our little ones, and can leave them feeling a little "off" as they don't totally understand these major changes that they are experiencing. I could tell that has been the case with Raffa over the past two months. He has been going through lots of changes, developmentally (constantly learning/saying new words, for example) and physically (his feet grew almost a whole size over the course of last month). I see him hitting a period of contentment for now, though, as perhaps the changes and growth have slowed for a short time.

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Just a few photos from our second breakfast at Devil's Food - we took some friends and family there this past Saturday. Raffa and Asher kept busy on the sidewalk out front while we waited for our table. That bag of toys that someone randomly left on the sidewalk didn't hurt for passing the time.

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