trying devil's food

Raffa and I go to a parent/toddler program one day a week at The Denver Waldorf School. We are three weeks in and we are really enjoying it. It is a great change to our routine and offers some great time with many other little ones. I get a chance to chat with the mamas there, which is nice for me too. Last week, several moms were discussing Devil's Food and how amazing it is. My ears perked up big time once I heart breakfast, brunch, organic, local, and coffee all in regards to this place. John, Raffa, and I got a chance to go on Monday morning.

Devil's Food is a cafe that serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. It is also a coffee and pastry shop. We sat down and enjoyed a lovely breakfast - I had a classic breakfast, which came with an amazing slice of "bread of the day" and I would say that slice of bread was the highlight of my plate. John had eggs benedict; it was amazing and, according to our waiter told us, it is what they are known for. Raffa had a pumpkin pancake; it was one of the best pancakes I have tasted in a while (what? I taste test Raffa's pancakes, okay!).

Maybe most importantly, the coffee was really, really good and that perked me up enough to jump through the hoops one must jump through to keep a toddler happy at a breakfast out.

On our way out, we picked up a few pastries to go ... a plum danish for later, a piece of banana bread for Raffa, and a pecan scone for my mom and dad. All were delicious.

With all the snow and cold here the past week, we have been getting a little cabin fever. Going out to breakfast was a good start to relieve that, but afterwards we walked up and down the block to check out the area (a little "Main Street" style restaurant and shopping street). It was pretty cold, but Raffa loved walking around (no surprise there) and burned off some energy.

We are excited to take my sister and some friends back to Devil's Food soon!


chloe marty said...

Glad you enjoyed. It's one of our neighborhood faves. This is the street where they have the big festival over memorial day weekend and they have a winter fest this year on Dec. 13th. The gnomes nook has a father christmas, etc., that offers some great photo ops as they cover EVERYTHING in pine boughs and burlap. They also do hayrides in the evening to look at the lights. We have to miss it for the first time this year for a work party. :(

chloe marty said...

Yes! I thought this was very close to you guys. It is a bit of a drive for us, but when traffic is good it is actually quite easy and takes 15 min tops. I am excited to explore the area a little more and I love the sound of that winter fest! Any other recommendations in that area? How is that juice place that is right down the way (opposite side of the street from Devils Food)?

chloe marty said...

Yum! I'm always on the lookout for good breakfast places--it's my favorite meal to dine out for, but we rarely get to do it!

chloe marty said...

It's my favorite meal to eat out, too - especially now that we have a little one! Dinner is next to impossible, but breakfast/brunch almost always guarantees a good mood and a good little eater! What's your favorite breakfast place near you???

chloe marty said...

Well it's not near me, but Root Down or Le Central is probably my favorite breakfast place. In Boulder I like Lucille's, Walnut Cafe, Brasserie Ten Ten or Turley's--each place has its own vibe so it really depends what you're in the mood for!


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