1/52 :: the start of the 52 project

a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014

january 5, 2014 / Denver, Colorado

Waking up from a morning nap. He can't get up to this standing position all by himself quite yet, but he tries. And, once I help him he is all smiles like he is awfully proud of himself (as he should be).

The opportunities to photograph little John in the birds-eye view sleeping style are becoming fewer. He no longer naps on my bed which offered the perfect large white "canvas" and the birds-eye shots I take in his crib just don't have the same allure for me. I may still try to snap them, but in case I don't I also wanted to start this project which I followed over on Blog a la Cart last year: The 52 Project, which started on Practising Simplicity (worth a read). I really love the idea of having 52 portraits of John at the end of this year; something to document him and his milestones week by week. And hell, maybe I will even make them into a photo book. Maybe I will do it year after year, every year of his life until I have hundreds and hundreds. Who knows, but it starts this year at the very least. And, instead of my monthly little John posts documenting his monthly milestones, you will see weekly portraits and small snippets of how those portraits capture him that week.

My start of this project also coincides with my learning a good camera. We purchased a "good" DSLR and I am taking a class. This first photo was taken with our new camera. I realize the white balance is off, and I chose not to edit it in Photoshop.

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