a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014

photo taken november, 7 2014 // Pagosa Springs, Colorado

We took a trip to Durango this past weekend. It was a pretty low key visit with lots of park time, hanging out, seeing friends, and visiting a few favorite restaurants. It was also a quicker trip. 

On the drive to Durango, Raffa was amazing. He did not make one peep of complaint, whine, or cry. He typically does well on the drive, but this was absolutely phenomenal. Granted, he was in a bit of a mood the rest of our trip; he seems to be going through something developmental as the amount of new words he has been throwing out has increased tenfold!

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Jess H said...

Ryan and I were just saying how neither of us has been to Durango. You should do a "36 hours in Durango" post with your can't miss faves.


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