back to school clothes

So Raffa obviously isn't of a back to school age, but like anyone his wardrobe needs updating when seasons change. Retailers are always way ahead of the seasons, and if you are like me you have been inundated with fall and back to school clothes emails and ads from various retailers. If you are also like me, in the not too distant future you will start fall clothes shopping because you are looking forward to the change of seasons.

So I did a little fall scoping for Raffa, or back to school you could say ... I haven't purchased yet because (1) sizing (babies grow too fast to buy that far out) and (2) sales (retailers always have sales on all of this stuff a month or two down the road).

But now I have compiled a list of things to go after and it includes:

vest to keep warm // Zara down vest $29.90
baseball tee // Slyfox Threads We Are Young Tee $25
sweatshirt // Prefresh sweatshirt $58
cords // GAP straight cords $29.95
skinny jeans // GAP Skinny jeans $29.95
more skinny jeans // GAP Skinny jeans $29.95
shoes // Van's Classic Slip On $29.95
pajama pants // Zara cat print trousers $15.90
pajama pants // Zara mask print trousers $15.90


chloe marty said...

Fall shopping is my favorite! Thanks for the reminder about Vans. Ben hasn't had any in a couple years. I've done some of my shopping, but like you, am waiting on some for sales and sizing. Ben nearly refuses jeans/chinos/cords b/c of their waist but mini-boden has great waistbands and so does Gap with these,

These shoes are on my list, too....

I love that baseball t you found. I wish more of my favorite etsy makers did long sleeves b/c I feel like I'm constantly layering in order to have cute, original shirts.
Fun post!

chloe marty said...

I am in love with these gray Vans - I love the orange rubber sole.

Those jeans do look like they have a more comfortable waistband!

I agree with you about the long sleeves!!! I think the tough part is that so many independent Etsy shops use American Apparel tees, and AA does not have a great long sleeve option. They have a baseball tee (3/4 length) and s/s tees. I love Prefresh's sweatshirts - they are so soft and cozy, but they are on the heavier side plus they aren't cheap!


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