raffa turns one

Raffa's birthday party was just perfect! This past Saturday, we celebrated his birthday in the park - a beautiful park with views of the mountains.

We invited family and friends, served up pizza and cake; and brought some fun stuff for the little ones - Raffa's blue car, his tricycle, and of course, there was the playground equipment.

Raffa skipped his morning nap, much to my chagrin. But he had a blast at his party ... he spent a considerable amount of time in his blue car. He crawled around in the grass and the wood chips for a bit. He also did some swinging on the baby swings.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to him and when it came time to dig in to the little cake my mom made especially for him, he was quite gentle with the actual cake, but otherwise certainly hammed it up and put on a show.

John and I had a great time celebrating our little guy. My mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law all helped in their own ways to make the day go off without a hitch.

We all had so much fun and the day was perfectly fitting of the sweet boy we all love so much.


banner // made by me out of felt (felt ordered from etsy)

poms // ordered from amazon and etsy

strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting // made by my mom from this recipe

cake bunting // from etsy

baby books // as party favors from amazon

blocks // as decor and party favors from amazon

chocolate bars // as party favors from Vitacost

party plates // confetti triangles by Fine Little Day

party napkins // various colors stripes by Fine Little Day

party utensils // "Happy Birthday" wooden forks from sucre on etsy

photostrips // of Instagram photos of Raffa from Prinstagram

photo guest book // made by me, printed by mimeo

see the post about the party plan or my pinterest board for the occasion

we took a couple photos on Instagram #raffaturnsone.


chloe marty said...

He is SOoooo cute, OMGosh!!! He totally knew it was his day! I'm glad is was perfect and fun; it was beautiful, too!

chloe marty said...

Thanks, Jenny! You guys were missed :)


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