swim suit season

I am swim suit shopping; generally for the summer and specifically for our trip to California wine country in June. These are the suits I have narrowed down the search to ... and honestly I love and want each and every one!

from left to right, row by row:

Maaji Flamingo Harbor Top and Flamingo bottoms

Mara Hoffman swim underwire bustier top and bottoms

L*Space Audrey Fringe Bikini Top and Itsy Bitsy Bikini bottoms

Mara Hoffman Jungle Trip bikini top and bottoms

Castle Happy Place towel

Princesse TamTam Simone Pom Pom top and bottoms

Decisions, decisions, right!? I love the patterned suits I found. They feel like retro goes modern or Palm Beach old lady goes fashionable bikini. I can't pinpoint it, but I am very drawn to it.

Do you need a swimsuit? What kind will you be looking for? Which of the above do you like best?


chloe marty said...

Oooh, lovely choices!! I love them all, too!! Specifically the top 4. From there my very favorite two would be either of the Mara Hoffman's or the fringe bikini :) Too much fun! Afraid that I won't be found in a swimsuit this summer {or at least not for anything I'm going to buy a new one for!}.

chloe marty said...

I am so divided! I am kind of leaning towards upper left because I like the style, print, and price ... but it has no straps which makes it less practical ... we are going sea kayaking in CA so I need practical! :)

chloe marty said...

Well, if two were an option I'd get that one for lounging!! I'd definitely like straps for sea kayaking & for carrying Raffa around...it'd make me feel more secure & less fidgety for sure!! But, I do love that top left one, too!

chloe marty said...

I ordered it and it came and it is really cute ... it does have straps that you can use or not ... I ordered a couple others too, though, so I am weighing them against one another! :)

chloe marty said...



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