salt lake city

Earlier this month I told you about how we'd be going to Salt Lake City to be work with Jenner Brown to make a family film. We were so thrilled and thankful to be given this opportunity by Small Fry Blog ... to have a a keepsake like this and to work with such a talented filmmaker.

On Monday we flew to Salt Lake City; it was actually the first trip the three of us have taken other than road trips to Durango! It was an easy one hour flight, and as usual, Raffa was such an easy travel companion.

On Tuesday afternoon, we were set to meet up with Jenner to film. But, that morning we went out to breakfast, the three of us, and let Raffa get his usual morning nap. For lunch we headed over to Liberty Heights Fresh, this super cute local and organic specialty market that sells fresh, local, organic fruits and vegetables as well as specialty products, cheese, local breads, and a small selection of prepared foods. We enjoyed this little gem of a market, the sunshine {and wind}, and had some lunch.

We met up with Jenner after lunch and filmed. It was so much fun; actually it was just like a fun day hanging out with my two guys. Just so happens it was also being filmed. And, Jenner was more than a pleasure to work with ... prior to meeting him, it was intimidating knowing he was worked with Oh Joy!, Target, Banana Republic, West Elm, Nordstrom, and so many big blog names and watching his other films. But, his friendly, laid-back demeanor put us at ease.

We are heading back to Denver today; so talk about a quick trip! It was so fun, though - made all the more enjoyable because I was with my two guys! Raffa is such an easy-going traveler, or at least {knock on wood} he has been thus far including this trip. This little adventure was reminiscent of my and John's cross-country adventures, specifically our little routine of exploring each city where we would get a night's rest. Only this time, we had a new, sweet little traveler with us. And, it was really not too much different except for in the best of ways because Raffa is so sweet.

I cannot wait to see the result of today's filming and I will be sure to share it with you, too, when it is ready. 

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