the three of us as a moving picture

This is somewhat of a very exciting announcement ... back at the end of January, I entered Small Fry Blog's chance to win a family film to be made by Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films. I did it more on a whim, sincerely wanting to win but not thinking I would.

Well, early in February, I heard from Emily, Jenna, and Nicole via email, "We talked it over with Jenner and would love to offer you our family video giveaway prize!" Say what?! I read and re-read the email. And, it's still true.

So, John, Raffa, and I are headed to Salt Lake City at the end of this month to shoot! I am so excited.

Small Fry + Lumineux Films has made several AH-MAZING films of bloggers, such as:
Naomi Davis 
Joy Cho 
Laura Wiertzema 
Natalie Holbrook 
Sydney Poulton 
Kristen Howerton 
Brooke White

Check them out. They are absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to have this keepsake ... right before Raffa's first birthday, no less!

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