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I have been hearing a lot of chatter in my head lately about what I "ought" to be doing. I have a very opinionated voices with some conflicted "ought to dos" - ought to network more, ought to take on more clients, ought to blog more, ought to spend less time on the computer, ought to detatch myself from iPhone more often, ought to do this, that, and the other for/with Raffa, ought to have my mom watch Raffa so I can work more. It's gotten quite loud, and all that arguing is giving me a headache and causing me stress.

So, it was time to shut them all up and make some decisions. Prioritize my "ought to" list and not necessarily do what I ought to. I am cutting back, folks. No more working 7 days a week four up to 4-5 hours after Raffa goes to bed, only to end up feeling like shit when I wake up at 5am to do my run. No more making myself work at a panic-stricken, break-neck pace every time Raffa naps so that I can {futilely} hope I get enough done so that I can enjoy my evening by doing, well, nothing.

I am cleaning up my design business and various shops ... refining the relationships between them and my overall identity. I will share that when the transition is complete.

Part of this decision means doing a little cleaning up here on andCHLOE. Specifically, it means shutting out that voice that says I ought to get a post up everyday. It also means a little revision on the look of andCHLOE despite the fact that we just had a facelift at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, I am streamlining andCHLOE content; I am going to decide what content is most important and that is what I will post. I am still not exactly certain what this will look like or how often I will post, but I am thinking of posting about 3-4 times a week as opposed to 5-6.

My life is changing and has changed and therefor this space of mine must adapt with it. I hope you enjoy the content and support the direction its headed. Don't be a stranger, let me know what you think for better or worse!

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