wild hearts forever

I am super excited about a new venture my sister and I have been working on together. It is still in the works, but recently we finalized our business name and therefor our logo (above). So, first off, I am sharing our logo, which I designed. I created two logo designs and we choose this one. It was literally the quickest logo design I have experienced to date. But, we had two fabulous options and this one just felt "right".

What is wild hearts you ask? Wild hearts is legally wild hearts apparel Ltd. and we screen print tees and onesies for littles with our designs/illustrations. Some of the designs are typography based, others are illustrations, and some are a combo of both. The designs, as our name implies, captures the fantastic calamity, reckless abandon, and lovely innocence that radiates from our little ones. All of our designs and illustrations are unique to wild hearts apparel Ltd.

We will have an Etsy shop, which will be opening soon after we finish screen printing our first collection of tees and onesies. We will be offering sizing from newborn up to 4T. We currently have about six designs in the works and will most likely release one or two to begin with.

I will share the designs as we get closer to official launch, but if you want to be notified the moment the wild hearts Etsy shop is stocked and open for business, head over to our website www.wildheartsforever.com and sign up to be notified.

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