Mid-October. Can you believe it? The weather sure has turned into its Colorado-typical-for-fall crisp warm but cool sushine-y awesomeness. It is just warm enough to go without a big jacket, but cool enough to pull out some fall wardrobe staples and boots.

I will admit, I have not been getting outside as much as I would like. Other then my daily run (which is bliss in this fall weather, by the way), I have been somewhat stuck indoors. Work keeps me indoors mostly, but I would love to get outside more. And, I want to get little John outside some more. I think some fall walks are going to need to be a priority in the next few weeks.

This weekend is where we will start with those fall walks. We want to get back down to Durango at the end of this month where we can do more walking (that is where that photo up top was taken; a fall panoramic taken from my Mom's back yard in Durango - unfortunately it doesn't do the view justice).

Looking at this list from last Friday, I don't think I have touched much on it. That seems like a shame. We are good on the playing, finishing, working, wearing ... but the rest has been untouched. That needs to be a priority too.

What are your priorities for the rest of fall?

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