gray for fall + my own personal PRETTY by JL bracelet for fall

Is it gray? Or grey? Either way, it is shaping up to be my go-to color for fall. I don't typically pick a color for my seasonal fashion choices, but suddenly I noticed that my fall wardrobe was taking on a grayish hue. Gray denim (surprised?), gray tees (again, surprised?), and one key gray accessory.

So, as the title of this post alluded to I have my own personal PRETTY by JL silk wrap bracelet. What I mean, more specifically by that, is that JL of PRETTY by JL custom-made my wrap for me from a dark gray silk color that she special ordered just for me and my bracelet! My bracelet has three charms - J + C + J.

The good news is that she has enough to make you a gray for fall silk wrap bracelet, too. For the next month (until 11/08, or until supply lasts), the :: Gray Wrap // Chloe's Pick for Fall :: is available in the PRETTY by JL Etsy shop. And, just as an added bonus, if you mention &chloe when you place your order you will get a PRETTY by JL Wish Bracelet for FREE.

I AM LOVING my gray wrap ... see it in action here on Instagram, as well as a pair of my favorite gray jeans (the 7 for All Mankind Skinny Ankle Zip).

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