sleeping little john

About a month ago while we were in Durango I snapped that top photo of my little sleeping. A week or so later, I snapped another one - that second one from the top. It was then that I decided that this would become a way for me to document my baby and his growth in his sweet slumber.

I have seen some cool ways of documenting one's child's growth; I have been really enjoying Ashley's "52 week project" where she takes a photo of each of her girls once a week for each week of the year. I wanted to find a way to document little John; and this way is all our own.

These photos were all taken about a week apart between the beginning of July through last week. I don't plan to take the photos at certain intervals, just whenever I have the opportunity to capture one. I don't have any fancy name for the photos, I am simply calling them "sleeping little John" and I may share them in batches from time-to-time here on &chloe.

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