let's take a moment...

... to mourn the passing of summer.

Having a baby in early May led me to stay a little couped up for most of May and a little bit of June. Now it is August and I find myself mourning the passing of summer. Luckily, I love the fall, maybe even more so than summer; but it is just a strange phenomenon to have the passage of time speed up considerably and to have my summer stolen by a little guy we call John.

Time to get real, as I tend to do on here once and a while, being a mother is interesting. For me, it has been a huge adjustment (as I am sure it is for many new mothers) and learning how to share my life and time with a new little person (who can understandably be quite demanding) has been a challenge. Gone are the summer days of getting up and going on a run whenever I want, spending all day on the weekends mountain biking and reading in the park, and going on late night summer strolls with my chocolate girl. Life with a baby may work like that for some people, but for me it requires a little planning especially since I am planner. We don't stick to rigid eat/sleep schedules around here, but I have found that we all function our best when a some general schedules are followed.

So, what's the point here? Well, I suppose I am not entirely sure. Maybe to (1) mourn the passing of summer, like I said. Perhaps (2) to take a moment to get a little real and just chat. I would love to chat and get real with you ... let me know what you are up to. How are you feeling lately?

{top photo taken by me last May in Durango and bottom photo taken by me as well}

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