true boyfriend jeans

I have to admit, I thought the boyfriend jeans trend was on the way out. But, I keep seeing the trend pop up in fashion magazines and being mentioned as one of "the looks" for spring. Fine with me, I liked the trend, so I am perfectly fine with being proven wrong.

I liked the look when I wasn't pregnant, and I feel like this is a look that might work for me while I am pregnant, too. Indeed, I tried on some AG maternity jeans in the boyfriend style, and I liked them. But, I don;t want to buy too many maternity jeans ... I only plan on being pregnant this once and designer jeans are just as expensive as regular jeans. So, I thought I would go a little more authentic and get a real-life, true pair of boyfriend jeans ... as in buy a pair of men's jeans.

I have always loved Nudie Jeans, and have a pair of their women's jeans. So, when I got an email last week about a collection of Selvage replicas that Nudie was doing I was all over it. I settled on the Nudie Lab Tim 29 pair, and they are winging their way to me from Sweden as we speak. And, here is what I plan to wear with them...

One of my wardrobe staples is the James Perse Daily Tank. It is the perfect amount of stretch, holds its shape, and comes in tons of colors. Black is, of course, my favorite - are you surprised? And, this tank fits so kick ass even now when I am 6 1/2 months pregnant; it remains a wardrobe staple. {You can see me wearing this tank when I wasn't pregnant here ... actually those are my Nudie women's jeans, as well.}

As you know, I am a scarf lover ... I am not a big accessorize-r other than a couple pieces of understated jewelry {wedding band + gold necklace} and scarves. Scarves just make so much sense anywhere - if it is cold of course, but also in warmer climes where it is hot outside but chilly from A/C inside. I just discovered Block Shop Textiles recently, and I LOVE their hand-dyed Indian scarves. My first inclination was to go for a red/coral one {omg love the red + arrows!}, but this blue herringbone one caught my eye and I don't have a blue scarf yet {I swear!}.

I will most likely pair this look with my trusty Tkees or Sam Edelman's. After the price tag on the jeans and the scarf, my budget is blown for getting some new sandals. But, I thought something a little off the beaten path like these Steve Madden Jovile sandals would look cute.

If I weren't pregnant, I might pair a cute belt with this look ... I like this Linea Pelle Nico Stud belt. But, that'll will have to wait because belts aren't much of an option when this is happening {no waist!}.

And, lastly, my last accessory of choice - sunglasses.

For all of you in colder climates, I am sure you are very ready for the Spring weather to make its appearance so you can put away your boots and bring out your sandals. Although Florida's winter weather was basically like summer and I missed having a true winter, I do love warm weather clothes!

What will you be wearing this Spring?

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