necessary accessory: the scarf + Leigh & Luca coupon code

After being in Florida for less than a week, one thing I have learned: always have a scarf with me. The hot, humid outdoors is a stark contrast to the air conditioned grocery stores, malls, and restaurants. Outside, things may be balmy, warm, or even hot ... inside they are frigid. I have a few Leigh & Luca scarves that I love, but I am thinking I need to round my scarf collection with even more options.

:: no. 1 Gypsy 05 Totem Scarf :: no. 2 Leigh & Luca scarf :: no. 3 Lem Lem Bella scarf :: no. 4 Leigh & Luca scarf ::

These are a few I am eye-balling ... definitely wouldn't mind another Leigh & Luca - I love the cotton they are made out of ... plus the colors are bright and fun. The Leigh & Luca in this inspiration board (from my old MOCHIE-ROO blog) is my favorite right now. I have been wanting the Lem Lem for quite some time, too.

Between now and July 4th, use the coupon code FACEBOOK on Leigh & Luca's website for 30% off!

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JL Candelaria said...

The Leigh & Lucas are certainly my favorites, but I love the Lem Lem too... Hope you get a couple :)


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