dispatch from my new home

I will be back to my usual posting schedule soon (as in I will not exclusively post dispatches). But I wanted to post one more dispatch now that I have been in Miami/Coconut Grove for a few days. Here is a collection of some photos of my first 4 days living here. 
I wanted to share images of our building. I already share the "before" shot here of the inside of our condo, but here is the lobby and hallway. I like them - very plantation-y.

This urban art is kind of scary, but really well done. The Coconut Grove Opera House is a block from our building and it is boarded up, but it is still impressive.

On Saturday, we visited this street of wholesale fashion stores. It was in rough part of town, but it was neat to see (actually that is where the urban art was photographed, too). Some of the clothing was questionably fashionable, but some of it was pretty cute - think a step up from Forever 21.

Since we have arrived we have gotten our fair share of rain. It is funny because I find myself thinking, "oh it looks chilly out," or, "I bet the person is cold riding their bike in the rain." Well, in Colorado, when it rains, even in the summer, it is cold. Here, that is not the case. Here, when it rains, it is still warm.

I still don't think things have totally "hit" me as far as "this is where I live now." That said, I already miss Colorado ... I miss the mountains, I miss my running routes, I miss the sun, I miss my house there, and I MISS MY FRIENDS.

I wear my friendship bracelet daily as a reminder of the people I love and miss back in Durango, Colorado.

I will periodically incorporate some  dispatches into my posting from here on out, as I explore my new city and have fun stuff to share.

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JL Candelaria said...

Oh Chloe! It will be a much much different story when the sun comes out and your condo is decorated :)... Starbucks, Whole Foods?


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