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I was going to wait to share these later this week, but I just could not wait ... I have some more custom baby shower invitations to share with you. As I mentioned last week, it has been baby shower invitation season. In addition to my own shower invitations, I have worked on several other custom designs including these and these that I shared.

I have another fun design to share today ... a design I am calling "garden baby"... this design was inspired by the style of illustration I had done for some other designs, namely these holiday cards, these holiday cards, and this wedding shower invitation. My client loved the whimsical style of those foliage and floral cards and wanted a spring-y, baby shower version. I had actually been wanting to pursue a design like that for a while anyways so it was perfect timing.

When there is a design or style I have already completed, it is a great way for clients to commission a custom design, but save a little money on  design time. Modifying an existing design or style saves a significant amount of time over starting from scratch. This design was a little more involved, because many flower elements of the illustration were all new but some were used from previous illustrations, and just having such a clear direction to begin with saves a lot of time.

We tried several colorways for the invitations, and my client ended up choosing the pink, yellow, orange (top) version with white background and pink envelopes. However, out of the other color combinations we tried, I also loved the gray, blue, and yellow colorway (bottom) so I kept it around as an option now that I am offering these for customization and purchase in my Etsy shop.

I am just smitten with this design {not to toot my own horn}, and I think it would translate beautifully into bridal shower invitations, birthday invitations, wedding invitations, birth announcements, etc... So, hopefully I will expand this design into one or more of those occasions as well {I am sincerely hoping someone gives me a reason to soon!}.

Visit my Etsy shop to customize and purchase these invitations.

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