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I am so lucky to have my mom and sister throwing me a baby shower in Denver a week from Saturday. Not only does it mean I get to go to Denver and see my mom and my sister, but it means I also get to see my nephew, and lots of my family and friends who live in Denver. Icing on the cake, I also get to take a trip down to Durango at the same time, so I will get to see all of my Durango friends, as well!

I am very excited, to say the least. And, I was just about as excited for the invitations to go out and to share them here!

I designed the invitations, of course with lots of input from my sister, the shower co-hostess.

We went for a modern feel, and stayed far away from anything too babyish ... that is just not my style, even for having a baby. We incorporated some colors that I might want to incorporate into the eventual nursery; although, as you may know I was thinking about taking an even less colorful approach. Regardless, the invitations needed to be colorful and fun.

Shower details on the front, registry and nursery details on the back. I am never one to overlook the envelopes, and my sister had the perfect idea of doing a wrap around address/return address label. All of this matches beautifully with my favorite USPS First Class stamp - the Love Ribbon stamp designed by the very talented Jessica Hische.

I am sure I will share more about my actual shower once it has come and gone ... and you can be sure to find me Instagramming quite a bit on my trip to Denver and Durango!

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