custom design :: the solheim family holiday card

Here is the reveal on a custom design I did for my Mom as the family Christmas card she sends out.

Based upon my Mom's input, I created an illustrated card that showcases a photo of each segment of our family on the front. On the back of the card, my Mom wanted to do a short version of a "Christmas letter", so I made that pretty, too. Never one to forget the envelopes, I had to make custom return adress labels as well as print the labels for the front in typefaces to match.

As to be expected, this card was a lot of fun to work on. I will most likely re-use the illustrative elements for other projects.

If you remember last year's design, you will see a little bit of a connect in the style.  Last year's design is currently available for purchase and customization. Next year this design will be available for purchase and customization as well (my Mom gets one year exclusivity on it!).

I will reveal my personal holiday card design on Christmas Eve!

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