my holiday wish list

As I mentioned before, we don't exchange gifts in my family anymore ... it really simplifies things and allows the focus to be on enjoying family. That does not, however, keep me from making a Christmas wish list! These are things that I want, and some of them are rather important to me so I will invest in them over time as my pocketbook allows. Other items are things I would like to have, but may never end up purchasing if finances don't allow.

It can be fun to think about things you need and want, and although sometimes we are told we should not "want" because it is comsumeristic/materialistic, I am of the frame of mind that, within reason, there is no harm in thinking about what you want and even buying what you want!

So tell me, what's on your list?

for my kitchen...

:: no. 1 ::
Wusthof Santoku knife
It's time for a good knife!

:: no. 2 ::
Le Crueset 10" cast iron skillet
I have the grill pan, now I need the skillet. Cooks amazing, and there is NO teflon involved.

:: no. 3 ::
Miguel glasses
$87.20 for set of 16
My glasses are thin and fragile so their numbers are dwindling ... I want a more sturdy glass.

:: no. 4 ::
bowls for fruits and veggies like this one and this one
$125 + $55
Fruits and veggies for juicing need to be close at hand.

for my office...

:: no. 5 ::
Le Pens
Pick a color based on my mood, or do some sketching.

:: no. 6 ::
Louis Vuitton Brooklyn MM messenger bag
This is a carry-over from last year's list. Still want it.

for my wardrobe...

:: no. 7 ::
Chase Biker Jacket from All Saints
Been wanting a leather biker jacket. This one is decently priced. But, will I even have occasion to wear it in Miami?

:: no. 8 ::
2750 SUPERGA® classic sneakers
Can't go wrong with comfortable footwear that also happens to be cute.

:: no. 9 ::
Jeffery Campbell Brit Wrap Strap Booties 
Love these. I bet they would look good with jeans and leggings.

:: no. 10 ::
J Brand super skinny jeans
I can never have too many pairs of jeans. That's my motto.

for my home...

:: no. 11 ::
Blue Dot Stilt Floor Lamp from Y Lighting
Love this lamp. How cool is the cord?!

:: no. 12 ::
coffee table books on the topics of Rapson, Mid-Century modern interiors, and Eames
$26.60 + $19.49 + $16.50
I have a Rapson chair, I love mid-century modern, and I have Eames' knockoffs as my dining room chairs. Now I need the books.

:: no. 13 ::
delicate abstract painting in oil and acrylics by Lauren Adams
This is beautiful. I have a couple different places in mind where it would look fabulous.

See my whole list in one place on the Pinterest board I created for that purpose.

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