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One of my favorite breakfasts is also one of the simplest ... some sliced avocado, and white beans (from a BPA-free can or tyvek container) sprinkled with a generous amount of fresh cracked black pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt.

This breakfast takes mere moments to put together and it is super healthy. It'll stick with you, too, no hunger panges a couple of hours after breakfast.

The beans are high in protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Listen to all the great health benefits of the avocado:

  • healthy fat
  • high in folate (heart health)
  • high in vitamin E
  • high in the carotenoid lutein (eye health)
  • high in oleic acid (breast cancer prevention)
  • high in beta-sitosterol to lower cholesterol
What did you eat for breakfast this morning? What is your go-to breakfast?


krissea said...

Lately I've been loving a Yogurt Mess - basically a bowl of yogurt with whatever I have in the cabinet & fridge thrown in. Today the mix was:
Plain Greek Yogurt
Maca Powder
Chia Seeds
Frozen Blueberries
Peanut Butter Granola
a big hunk of banana bread smeared with peanut butter
a splash of almond milk
and a dash of cinnamon

chloe marty said...

krissea, that sounds amazing!!! specifically the banana bread with PB and the PB granola! I gotta make some homemade banana bread and granola ASAP!

Unknown said...

This looks really good! I usually stick to cereal every morning.

chloe marty said...

Oh, Sara, you gotta try my simple bean & avocado breakfast then ... I feel like a hinderance to eating anything fancier for breakfast is because there is less time for prep, cooking, and cleanup in the AM. But this is too easy! And for me, something sweeter in the morning sounds no good - I go for savory.

Chelsea Krueger said...

Chloe, I too am a savory breakfast eater but I feel like I never have time in the morning. I also don't like cooking eggs and turkey bacon once I'm dressed, make up done etc.. mostly because its too time consuming and I don't like the smell of eggs (weird I know)! I am super excited to try your beans and avocado! Do you just buy regualr canned beans? Do you drain and rinse them, heat them?
Despite not liking to cook eggs, I do like to make a breakfast taco with a corn tortilla, refried beans, a fried egg and a handful of fresh spinach and some Adobe Milling hot sauce. It's pretty quick and sticks with me for the day.
Thanks for the new idea! Is love to hear any other savory breakfast ideas :)

chloe marty said...

SC, I can totally relate to not wanting to cook a stinky breakfast after getting all ready for the day!

For the beans, I just rinse and drain some and I prefer Eden brand because their cans are BPA-free or Whole Foods' 365 brand come in a tyvek container (also BPA-free).

I prefer mine room temperature or cold since I am pairing them with avocado.

Yummmm, your breakfast taco sounds amazing! Actually makes me hungry right now! :)

I will try to keep the savory breakfast ideas coming....


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