strength of my love

I have had this print in my Etsy shop since I "opened' it ... an absolutely beautiful statement about a mother's love for the baby growing in her tummy.

No one else will ever know the
strength of my
LOVE for you
After all, you're the
who knows what my
sounds like from the inside
Goodness, just typing that gives me goosebumps!

Anyways, I loved this statement and could only imagine how special its message would be to a new mother. Hence why I created the typographic print that is in my shop.

When my sister found out she was expecting her first child, my whole family was over the moon. My excitement for my sister and my own joy at becoming an aunt, warranted that every holiday since we found out, I have given my sister a meaningful gift related to her and her baby. For her birthday in May, I customized the "strength of my LOVE" print with my sister's first sonogram photo of her baby. I did not share this project at the time (back in May) because the joyous news was still among family at that time. However, I came across the photos of the design today and I wanted to share...

So, that sweet little man is my nephew, who will be making his arrival in August. My open-ended plane ticket is already booked!

The un-customized "strength of my LOVE" print is available in my Etsy shop or contact me if you are interested in a personalized print like the one I made for my sister.


JL Candelaria said...

BEUTIFUL!!! This is gonna sell! And Jonna's little man is toooo stinkin' cute!

chloe marty said...

and this was his first sonogram ... last time I was in Phoenix I got to see the 3D one and he is sooooo cute.


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