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It appears we are moving forward with working with Pierce & Co., who I mentioned last week. To recap, Pierce & Co. is a Nashville-based interior design firm and home goods store who also happens to be the subject of HGTV's Interiors, Inc.

We have spoken with Jonathan Pierce and submitted the information about our new condo and what we are looking for. Along with the plans for the condo and some information about what we want, we sent Jonathan and his team to some of my pinboards ( 1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 ), which comprise our amateur approach to thinking about the design of our space.

Well, I have no reservations and no doubt that whatever Pierce & Co. comes up with will be absolutely perfect. You can check out their portfolio on their Facebook page.

I will keep you updated as I have anything fun to report as things progress! And, in the end, I hope to share photos.


Unknown said...

I am SO stinkin' excited for you!!!!! I know I have already seen the pinboards, but I loved having a second look and I am VERY much looking forward to what the design team comes up with!!! Hooray!

chloe marty said...

I am so excited too!!! I will definitely post updates! Happy Thursday to you, Em!

Unruly Bliss said...

I can't wait to see pictures from the final outcome! How incredibly exciting!


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