interiors inc. & marty move update

LeAnn Rimes (left) and "Interiors, Inc" host Jonathan Pierce inside Rimes' Chicago condo. 
(Photo courtesy of HGTV )

Have you seen Interiors, Inc. on HGTV? The show follows  Pierce & Co., a Nashville-based design firm and home goods store and features makeover projects that they do for clients in the Nashville area. John and I have caught a few episodes now, and we love the show because we really dig the Pierce & Co. team's aesthetic.

A quick rewind to update, we pulled out on the contract to purchase a home in Coral Gables, Florida because of scary stuff that came up during inspection (subterranean termites, structural issues, etc. - bad news!). And, after continuing our home purchase search for a little longer and still not finding "the" house for us, we decided to sign a lease on a rental. So, we will be living in a low-rise condo in Coconut Grove. We have also decided not to take any of our furniture with us, so we will be essentially furnishing our condo from scratch. It presents somewhat of a challenge since we will want to select furniture that fits in the smaller condo (1,100 sq. ft.), but that we also want to move with us if/when we eventually purchase a home.

As you saw last week, we have been hard at work planning out our new furniture. Let me tell you it is a lot of pressure! So, last week we decided to contact Pierce & Co. with our budget and  to inquire about having them help us design our new condo space remotely (work via phone & email to plan our space). We didn't know what to expect as far as if they work remotely, if they would contact us back, etc.; but we heard back from a gal the next day and John has a phone call planned with Jonathan (pictured above) to discuss more.

In the meantime, we are starting to pack and trying to arrange the particulars and logistics (pull a trailer? hire a mover?). We are in a self-imposed time crunch as we want to leave to drive down to Florida (a trip that will take about 5 days) sometime next week. It is quite an experience trying to pack up while working as usual (I can't just hit || pause || on all of my *remember the day* orders and projects). Luckily, John is picking up my slack in the packing/moving department.

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